After spending fifteen years trekking across the worlds frozen Arctic wastelands my feet having taken a battering. Whether its the North West Territories the North Pole or the Greenland Icecap after months walking in temperatures as low as minus fifty degrees my feet suffer from a lower rate of circulation.

While training for another Arctic challenge I started to use the "Flosole" gel insole as part of the meticulous preparation to try and help reduce the aches and pains of constantly being on your feet in uncomfortable conditions, therefore reducing the potential of possible problems.

Using the Gel Doctors insoles has helped me by ensuring my feet have been kept in first-class condition and the soles of my feet have benefited by the constant massage as I walk. The insoles will play an important part in the crossing of Greenland later this year.

"Look after your feet and they will look after you"

Alan Chambers MBE, Leader of the first British team to walk unsupported to the Geographic North Pole.


Gel Doctor Insoles have been in use by major companies for several years and they continue to grow in popularity.

Our customers include:

British Airways
Emirates Airlines
Johnson & Johnson
Daniel Galvin

I, along with theatre nurses, have been using 'Flosole' liquid gel insoles from the 'Gel Doctor' at St James's hospital, Leeds since April 2007. We often spend many hours on our feet during operations and have suffered for years with swollen ankles and referred pain which affects all the lower body. Since wearing these amazing insoles discomfort has been reduced to a fraction of previous levels. I wouldn't operate without them! I recently tried the new 2010 range and found them to be even better than the originals.
Mr. Paul Chumas FRCS
October 2010

Reflexologist's report.
The feet are a perfect map of the body.

All the organs, glands and body parts are represented in the feet. They are the part of the body which takes the most wear. They have to bear our weight, they are under constant pressure and we often cram them into shoes that don't always fit.

The feet are the part of the body which is the furthest from the heart and is where circulation tends to stagnate. This is why people with bad circulation often have tender or swollen feet. Pregnancy and certain types of medication can also make the feet swell and this can cause great discomfort - especially if you are on your feet a lot during the day.

This is where Gel Doctor insoles come in - made with comfortable liquid gel, they are the perfect solution to many foot complaints and provide a constant massage to these poor, neglected parts throughout the day.

Wear them warm if you suffer with bad circulation, or pop into the freezer to instantly cool, soothe and re-invigorate swollen, throbbing and tired, aching feet.

Benefits of Gel Doctor Insoles:

Use of magnets stimulates & encourages blood flow, therefore enhancing the body's own healing process.
Increases circulation to the feet and lower extremities.
When worn cool they reduce swelling of the feet.
When heated they comfort and warm the feet - ideal for circulatory problems.
Provides instant relief to the ball of the foot - perfect if you wear high heels
Constant, therapeutic massage to the plantar aspect of the foot - great news for those on their feet all day!

Some of the conditions I would recommend Gel Doctor insoles for are:

Heel Pain Syndrome - caused by repetitive pressure on the heel
Metatarsalgia - burning sensation in the ball of the foot
Sesamoiditis - irritation of the sesamoid bones, leading to the big toe
Circulatory Disorders

I would recommend Gel Doctor insoles to everyone.

They are the answer for so many complaints associated with the feet.
A true Godsend to shop workers, hairdressers, therapists, in fact anyone who is on their feet a lot, and ladies, don't let the discomfort of wearing those killer heels ruin your night…pop a pair in the freezer before you go out and just feel the difference they make…the best product for burning balls I've come across yet!!

Kerri Rix, reflexologist.

As soon as I tried the 'Flosole' insoles I knew I had a solution to the problem we face every day at our salon….aching and swollen feet.
Now everyone at the salon is wearing them and we can't believe the difference they've made.

Seneca Love, Hair stylist

I love the 'Flosole' insoles! I like to wear my favourite high heels, even when I'm out shopping but the pain I was in before I started wearing them practically killed me.
Now I can shop and never drop!

Tiffany Lund, un-reformed and un-repentant shopaholic!

I spend most working days on my feet and suffer aches and pains as a result. Since wearing my Flosole insoles my discomfort has flowed away!
Ian Hardy, Events Security Manager

"I have been impressed with the performance of the gel insoles and wanted to purchase a few more for my elderly grandparents. Can't explain how much these have helped with my own health, had a serious bicycle accident a few years back and have been trying to sort my skeletal problems out, the soles have helped as my ankles were a big problem after using pronators that didn't suit the skeletal injuries, and have gained strength from training with these in. Only trouble is that now everyone wants them"
Emma B.

Case Study
Hairdressers are standing on their feet all day, everyday. Research has shown that over 80% of hairdressers suffer from sore feet due to prolonged standing at work. In turn, this will eventually cause health implications.

The Canadian autoworkers' union CAW advises it members that, "working on your feet for more than 30% of the work shift can produce health effects."

Daniel Galvin OBE, widely acknowledged as the world's leading hair colourist, operates one of the largest and most prestigious salons in Europe situated in the heart of London's west end. Daniel and his team of over 100 stylists have been using Gel Doctor 'Flosole' liquid gel insoles for several months and report fantastic results.

"During my career I have really suffered with aching feet. 'Flosole' from The Gel Doctor softens the impact, continually massages my feet and I feel like I am walking on air! Virtually all of my 100+ employees are now wearing 'Flosole and they're much happier and productive, particularly later in each day"
Daniel Galvin OBE.

Read more about Daniel Galvin at

'Flosole' liquid gel insoles are now providing salons the opportunity to look after their staff''s health. There is also huge scope for them to promote Gel Doctor, 'Flosole' liquid gel insoles to their clients.

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